SDMC Partners with Washington’s Department of Commerce and Office of Homeless Youth Services

Olympia-based Consulting Firm SDM Consulting (‘SDMC’) Selected for Lifeline Support System Pilot by Washington State’s Department of Commerce’s Office of Homeless Youth Prevention and Protection.

Olympia, WA.  Jan. 18, 2023—Olympia-based consulting firm SDM Consulting (‘SDMC’) was selected through a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) that was published in November of 2022 by Washington State Department of Commerce Office of Homeless Youth to establish a Lifeline Support System Pilot Project to serve as a no-wrong-door access point for support and connection to services for individuals in Washington who require assistance to overcome a life challenge that could escalate into a crisis if not addressed.

“Many young people are needing assistance when contacting the hotline to link them with supportive services when there are gaps between other hotlines or supportive agencies,” said CEO Samual Martin. “This hotline will also work to ensure that case completion occurs only when the concern is resolved.”

SDMC is excited to partner with like-minded organizations and people with lived experience to help them co-design this process. Their process will integrate one of their new divisions of the firm, the Co-Design Institute, to guide  their approach with a commitment to designing with the people affected by programs and services instead of relying on the “for the people” method that’s been used in the past.  

“This process gives us the potential to design and help ensure that people determine programming, not the other way around,” said Martin.


About SDM Consulting

SDM Consulting serves those who have been pushed out of the process by the forces of power and are committed to uplifting the voice of people who traditionally have not had audiences in state legislatures or Congress. If you’re working to dismantle the system or have felt left out of the legislative process, we are here to elevate your voice and help you change the world for good through the power of community building, collaboration and accessibility.

About the Co-Design Institute

The Co-Design Institute is a hub of resources, information, connection and community centered around advancing the co-design process. Our mission is to preach the value of putting those with lived experience at the center of the program and policy design process, to provide access to the resources and training policymakers and program administrators need to implement the co-design model, and to connect those across the country who are invested in creating policy created by the people instead of for the people.