Changing the System One Person at a Time

SDMC offers trainings that provide organizations the foundation they need to enact powerful, equitable and systemic change. Our customizable, dynamic trainings are designed with the needs of our clients and the communities they serve in mind and fill the gaps in knowledge, expertise and skills they need to effect meaningful change.

  • Professional Development
  • Co-Design & Program Development
  • Youth Services
  • Organizational Capacity-Building
  • Direct & Grassroots Lobbying
  • Coalition Building & Community Engagement


The co-design process puts lived experts at the core of program design and gives the power back to those most impacted by the program. Our co-design training provides the framework organizations and agencies need to create real collaboration between those who have traditionally been part of the program design process — such as state agencies, professional providers, and other stakeholders — and individuals who have too often been left out — those with lived experience.

Our co-design training process helps those organizations learn to facilitate, organize, and create in collaboration with those with lived experience to identify gaps and barriers in services and redesign and realign programs to more effectively meet the needs of the individuals the programs seek to serve.

Youth Thrive

Our trainings such as Youth Thrive and Youth Thrive 4 Youth provide youth, organizations and communities the foundation they need to create real systemic change through youth-led, collaborative action.

Youth Thrive believes that all young people should be valued, loved, and supported to reach their goals.

To achieve this goal, Youth Thrive works with organizations, agencies and youth-serving systems to change policies, practices and systems so that they are aligned with what we know about young people’s development, center the lived experiences of youth, and give youth the tools and opportunities they need to succeed.