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Using the power of policy to transform communities.

Our work is based on lived experiences in the communities we advocate for. We empower real people to use their voice to effect change.

We want our work to change the system, to change lives. It's not pie-in-the-sky rhetoric or ivory tower gatekeeping. We are committed to engaging in useful, equitable advocacy for those who have been pushed out of the process by the forces of power and are committed to uplifting the voice of people who traditionally have not had audiences in state legislatures or Congress.

We take a bi-partisan approach to addressing some of our society's most challenging issues and work federally and on a state level to elevate the voice for our clients. With well over 15 years of legislative advocacy experience, our firm takes a unique approach to legislative advocacy and agenda setting.



Our trainings for youth and young adults, providers, organizations, and community leaders on topics such as civic engagement, advocacy, Youth Thrive, LGBTQ+, mentorship, and foster care provide individuals, organizations and communities the foundation they need to enact powerful, equitable and systemic change.



The legislative world has for too long been dominated by those with the deepest pockets. We are changing that through the power of community building, collaboration and accessibility.



We work on behalf of communities historically left out of the advocacy process to lobby for transformative, equitable policies in economic, housing, education, policing and other areas of systemic racism and oppression. It's a high-touch, community-driven approach to change.

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