Youth Thrive


Changing Systems One Young Person at a Time

Our Youth Thrive and Youth Thrive 4 Thrive trainings provide youth, organizations and communities the foundation they need to enact powerful, equitable and systemic change through youth-led, collaborative action.

Youth Thrive believes that all young people should be valued, loved, and supported to reach their goals. To achieve this goal, Youth Thrive works with organizations, agencies and youth-serving systems to change policies, practices and systems so that they are aligned with what we know about young people’s development, center the lived experiences of youth, and give youth the tools and opportunities they need to succeed.

Youth Thrive

Youth Thrive is a research-informed framework focused on youth well-being designed to change policy, practice, systems, and services and positively impact the lives of the youth in our communities. Based on strengths-based and positive psychology perspectives, the Youth Thrive training gives educators, social workers, policymakers, law enforcement personnel, and direct-service workers the concrete knowledge they need to understand young people and promote their long-term well-being.

Youth serve as our partners in Youth Thrive, informing our approach to youth advocacy and better supporting their wellbeing and healthy development. This developmentally appropriate training promotes 5 protective and promotive factors for youth ages 9 to 26:

  • Resilience
  • Social Connections
  • Adolescent Development
  • Social & Emotional Competence
  • Concrete Supports in Times of Need

These factors help young people build their efficacy, allow them to face challenges competently, make productive decisions, and positively influence their development and wellbeing.

Youth Thrive 4 Thrive

Developed by young professionals with lived expertise in child welfare and other youth-serving systems, Youth Thrive 4 Youth (YT4Y) gives young people the information they need directly through an intentional, interactive, and actionable training curriculum.

In this training, youth learn about the Youth Thrive Framework and how it can help them meet their needs through promoting healing, supportive relationships, and positive growth using the 5 Protective and Promotive Factors.

What Is YT4T?

YT4Y is an 8 hour training that can be completed in-person or virtually in one full day (recommended for in-person only) or over the course of several shorter workshops.

Who is YT4T For?

YT4Y is meant for young people themselves between the ages of 14-26.