Who We’ve Worked With


Government Agencies

We've partnered with local, state and national agencies to use the co-design framework to build better support programs for families and youth.


Change Makers

We’ve partnered with other change-maker organizations to influence policy, advocate for system change and secure funding.


Research Centers

We’ve taken part in working groups at leading think tanks and research centers to develop human-centered frameworks and recommendations around youth advocacy, social policy and government transformation.


Community Organizations

We’ve worked with community-based organizations—particularly providers of publicly funded services—to create better program models and advocate for legislative funding and change.

Partnering with a State Agency to Identify and Remove Barriers to Services

Through the co-design process, we uncovered a whole demographic of young people not being served by the current state agency policies designed to reduce youth homelessness.

Case In Point: Our lived experts revealed an unseen barrier to preventing youth from becoming unhoused. Young people couldn’t consent to their own housing, and that meant that youth discharged from mental health or juvenile justice facilities were being released into homelessness because they had nowhere to go.

The Solution: Partnering with key organizations and advocates to pass a bill allowing young people to consent to their own housing.

Spotlight on Lifeline

Lifeline, a support system pilot project in partnership with the Washington State Department of Commerce Office of Homeless Youth, embodies what SDMC is all about. A direct services program designed from the ground up by the people for the people.

The program will serve as a no-wrong-door access point for support and connection to services for individuals in Washington who require assistance to overcome a life challenge that could escalate into a crisis if not addressed.

Past & Current Clients